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The journey of life is not always a smooth one. We all encounter difficulties, obstacles and stressful life events. Are you feeling stuck, trapped or confused with what life is throwing at you? Do you find yourself time and again in the same unsatisfactory situations or relationships? Have you just had enough of feeling anxious, stressed, fearful, angry or depressed? Are you struggling to come to terms with events or issues which have happened in your life?

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Why not come for an introductory session and discuss whether counselling might provide a positive step forward for you? Together we will explore and unravel any difficulties you are experiencing in a warm, non-judgmental, yet open and honest way. This may offer the new perspectives and self - awareness which can help you to make clear, informed choices and decisions about any changes which you feel are appropriate.

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The Centre for Mental Health states that one in four people will experience mental distress in their lives.

I am passionate about working with individuals through counselling to try to relieve that distress. I know from experience that through the counselling relationship it is possible to see more clearly the causes of those difficulties and distress and to work towards any changes which you want to make.

Recent studies from the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) show that 80% of clients in counselling and Therapy end up in a better place than those who don’t seek help. Their research has also found that the type of counselling therapy only makes a small contribution to a successful outcome. The relationship you develop with your therapist has a much more significant impact.

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Moira Hyde B.A. M.B.A.C.P. P.G.Dip.

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Moira Hyde
B.A. M.B.A.C.P. P.G.Dip.


The journey of a thousand miles
starts with a single step


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